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Retirees, who now range in age from their 50s to their 80s and beyond, are forcing a change in the look of retirement to meet a wider variety of wants and needs, which can also change over time. Today, many explore retirement as a series of events rather than one single life event.

Maintaining an active lifestyle

“Getting older is a part of life, we are all on the path to old age,” says Tami S. Siedler, RN, MS, administrator at WILLCARE. “The best advice is to keep active and moving, eat healthy, and surround yourself with a group of friends that will provide you with a social support system. There are numerous paths and trails in the Hudson Valley that are beyond beautiful or hit Cold Spring or Nyack to go antiquing. Join a reading club or go to a concert in the park. If you notice subtle changes or loss of memory and physical function, seek medical advice. You want to identify problems early and tackle them with you medical and social support system.”

From the perspective of Michelle Gramoglia, Woodland Pond’s executive director, “It seems that the most valuable aspect of any transition, especially later in life, is personal connection. “I’ve often heard it said by our residents here at Woodland Pond at New Paltz, that as you age, you expect that your circle of support will only shrink. You do not expect to make close friends when you are 60 or 70 or 80.  BUT, here we see that expectation shattered every day. The new neighbors become friends and then those new friends become family, a new circle of support—a circle of support that will provide the warm hugs and shoulder to lean on when life’s inevitable transitions happen. I have also heard it said many, many times: ‘I now cannot imagine my life without my new, very dear, friends…’ ”

“Some people have described assisted living as like being on a cruise: delicious meals, music, dancing, and fun,” says Joan Hyde, PhD, of Ivy Lodge Assisted Living, which is owned and operated by a gerontologist. “And for less money than a cruise, you can stay near friends and family; get help with taking a shower and keeping track of your medicine; have nurses and aides available all the time, and best of all, your ‘cabin’ is a roomy apartment with space for your cherished pictures and possessions. What’s not to like?”

“The administration and staff of Avila are dedicated to helping our residents live the independent life style that they desire,” adds Fran Foley Jr., CEO of Avila Retirement Community. “Our residents enjoy the amenities-rich program that we have made available to them, which allows them the time to pursue their own interests. Our welcoming and supportive community adds to the daily enjoyment that each resident experiences.”

Supporting healing as part of the journey

“Bumps in the road of life come at any age. It is important to have options to create a caring environment for healing,” says Todd Zbytniewski of Greene Meadows Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. “Explore options that create a warm environment while providing the best health care available. At Greene Meadows, we have a number of ways to help seniors get back to their way of life as quickly as possible with a variety of rehab programs available as well as longer term care.”

 “When seniors have health issues, they sometimes need more time than hospitals allow to receive the care they need,” notes Alan Blier of Timberlyn East. “That’s when the experts at Timberlyn can make all the difference. We provide therapy, wound care, tube feeding, pain management, and 24-hour skilled nursing care to give patients all they need in their time of need. Our team of experts provides hope and dignity while promoting healing.”

Adds David Herskowitz of Pine Haven Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, “Since healing sometimes happens over a period of time, rehab facilities create a living environment that combines healing and social activities. Patients heal more quickly when they have a more normal quality of life than staying in the hospital. At Pine Haven, we combine social activities with rehab expertise to create a home-life environment for our residents. Selecting the right community as your new home is a very important and a sometimes difficult decision. Patients will want to explore their options, ensuring they get the care that they need in the resident-focused environment that they want.”

“There may come a time when you or a loved one needs skilled nursing, post acute care, or rehabilitation,” says Deborah J. DeJesus, administrator at The Mountain View Nursing and Rehab Centre. “When that happens, you do not need a five-star hotel. What you want is an award winning facility that has the feel of home with competent, caring, and dedicated staff members. In New Paltz, that is what The Mountain View Nursing and Rehab Centre is—a professional facility with a heart for its patients.”

Some facilities specialize in particular types of rehabilitation care. For example, Timberlyn Heights Nursing and Rehabilitation is a unique facility that provides care and services to patients who have suffered traumatic brain injuries and/or other acquired brain injuries. “Our patients come from all over the Northeast,” explains Chris Duncan, executive director at Timberlyn Heights. “Our program is under the direction of Jonathan Lieff, MD, a renowned neuro-psychiatrist. In addition to an excellent nursing department, we have an entire neurobehavioral department that works closely with our neurobehavioral patients. Our mission is to provide rehabilitative services, such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, along with music therapy, massage therapy, Thai Chi, counseling, and recreation, as well as excellent nursing care, to enable our patients to return to more independent living arrangements within their own communities.”


Resource Directory

Avila Retirement Community
100 White Pine Dr
Albany, NY
(518) 452-4250

Greene Meadows Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
161 Jefferson Heights
(518) 943-9380

Ivy Lodge Assisted Living
108 Main St

The Mountain View Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre
1 Jansen Rd
New Paltz
(845) 255-0830

Pine Haven Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
201 Rte 217
(518) 672-7408

Timberlyn East—Great Barrington
148 Maple Ave
Great Barrington, MA
(413) 528-3320
(413) 822-0321

Timberlyn Heights Nursing and Rehabilitation
320 Maple Ave
Great Barrington, MA
(413) 528-2650

700 Corporate Blvd
(845) 561-3655  

Woodland Pond at New Paltz
100 Woodland Pond Circle
New Paltz
(877) 505-9800