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Wedding Traditions: Spiders on Your Dress and Ringing Wedding Bells


After last week’s post, I received even more questions about wedding traditions and superstitions! It’s interesting how so many modern couples create new traditions, yet for many, the old traditions and superstitions survive. Here are two more:

A Hudson Valley bride asks: “I hate spiders. Actually, I hate anything creepy-crawly. During my first gown fitting, a spider crawled up my dress and I went to flick it off. My mother yelled for me to stop — she said that a spider on my gown was a lucky omen. What’s that all about?”

The Wedding Guru says: Your mom is right! She’s referring to old English folklore that held to the notion that finding a spider on your wedding dress is a good omen. (See more, from Martha Stewart Living.)

A Hudson Valley bride asks: “Where did the custom come from for ringing bells on a couple’s wedding day?”

The Wedding Guru says: No Irish wedding would be complete without the church bells being rung. This tradition was meant to ward off evil spirits and to predict that the couple will have a marriage without strife or disharmony.

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