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Wedding Photography and Videography: How to Choose the Best Wedding Photos and Videos


The good news about chronicling your wedding is that you’ve got choices. The bad news? You’ve got choices! Selecting the right photographer and videographer can be a daunting task, to say the least. To get the biggest bang for your buck — and to make sure you’ll enjoy your photos and videos — you should familiarize yourself with the techniques and styles in which they’ll shoot.

A Valley bride asks: “I’ve read about all different types of videography and photography — and now I’m totally confused. Can you give me a list of styles and techniques so I can discuss them with the photographers and videographers that I interview?”

Dear Valley bride: These techniques should give you a good start:

  • Black-and-white and sepia shots (both concentrate on the details of the photograph without “distracting” the viewer with color)
  • Pre-wedding shoot (offers chronology and acts as a lead-in to the events of the day)
  • Reception prints
  • Candid style (this isn’t a fit with everyone, so make sure if you choose the style exclusively that it’s really what you want)
  • Unexpected angle shots (similar to candids, these focus more on catching the subject in an unusual setting or moment)
  • Engagement session
  • Wedding movie
  • Photojournalism, documentary, or Indie style (offers less formal, “while-it-happens” photos and video)
  • Wedding outtakes
  • Contemporary vintage (emulates an older look, something you might have seen in your grandparents’ wedding album)
  • Cherish the dress (photographer/videographer “follows” the dress through the wedding process)
  • Mixing film and photos
  • Fashion or fine art photography (more portrait-oriented style, without any candid photography)
  • Rent a photo booth (used by some bridal couples as wedding favors, but can also be incorporated into the couples’ photo album)
  • High-definition recording
  • Editorial style
  • Proposal photography
  • Boudoir session
  • Day-after shoot
  • Live-streaming (great way to allow family and friends who could not attend to “be there” as events unfold. This style is often incorporated into the bridal couple’s Web site)

Keep in mind that you don’t need to choose just one style! Discuss all options with your videographer and photographer — and make certain that whomever you pick is proficient in the kind of images that you want.

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