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Wedding Cakes: Taste It Before You Try It!


The cake is often the focal point of the wedding, so you’ll want yours to be perfect. Making sure that you have all the details worked out will ensure that everything goes well.

A bride-to-be asks: “I want to have my wedding cake made by a friend who loves to bake. I’ve seen her work and it’s lovely. Do I need to tell our caterer that I’m planning to do this?”

The Wedding Guru says: It’s great that you’ve found someone who can make you a wedding cake! I’m a bit concerned that you didn’t mention whether you’ve tasted her cakes. This reminds me of a very upscale wedding I attended several years ago. The couple spared no expense with their wedding cake; they had it made by a well-known baker, and paid big bucks for it, too. But when everyone at our table tasted the cake, it was awful! That being said, I heartily suggest that you also taste a sample of the cake before you order it.

And yes, you do need to tell your caterer that you’ll be having a cake made off-site. In many instances, a wedding cake is included in the venue’s wedding package. If you bring in your own cake, they may need to charge a cake-cutting fee that averages between $1 to $4 per guest. You should also figure out how to transport the cake to your venue. Make sure that your baker delivers and, if you’re in a warm climate, the delivery vehicle is air conditioned.

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