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Weathering the Storm


Maryanne asks: “I’m having a backyard wedding outdoors at mom and dad’s home, which they so graciously have allowed us to use. I know they say that everyone talks about the weather, but nobody can do anything about it. Do you have any suggestions for being ‘weather-ready?’ ”

Dear Maryanne: There are lots of things you can do to “protect” yourself. Considered having a tent set up — not only will it work if it rains, but it also provides shade on a sunny day and a cooler environment for the food. If you plan to go ahead regardless of the weather, you can, in your invitations, ask guests to bring umbrellas. As backup, have several large golf umbrellas available.

If you live in an area that sometimes gets severe weather such as hurricanes, you might want to consider wedding insurance — read up on this in my earlier blog post, “A Little Insurance Goes a Long Way.” Many contracts cover postponements or cancellations due to severe weather. For other information about wedding weather issues, check out the HudsonValleyWeddings.com article “Weather-Related Problems and Solutions.”

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