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The Great Outdoors


Outdoor weddings present their own challenges. As always, a bit of pre-planning on your part will make the event run more smoothly. It’s important with such a wedding for you to manage not only the logistics of your part in the celebration, but also that of your guests. You don’t want — after all the effort you put into planning your wedding — for it to be the one where all the guests got sunburns! Grab some SPF 30 and head over to HudsonValleyWeddings.com to learn more about “Outdoors, Backyard, and At Home Weddings.”

Dana asks: “I’m having my ceremony outdoors and I’m worried that my white pumps will get dirty even before the affair starts. What can I do?”

Dear Dana: While you are “walking around” outdoors before the ceremony begins, take two, medium- or large-sized plastic bags, split them front and back, and secure them with plastic tape (front and back). You may look a little silly, but this should protect your heels throughout the preparations — and ensure that they’ll be spotless down the aisle.

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