The Four Most Popular Wedding Etiquette Questions

The Wedding Guru addresses the four questions everyone wants to know about wedding etiquette

It’s not unusual for guests to be confused about wedding etiquette. When deciding how to behaving properly, here’s a good rule of thumb: Ask yourself whether you are acting out of the goodness of your heart and with the best interests of the bride and groom, or if you’re just trying to make things easier for yourself. An honest answer will get you safely through most situations!

Q: “Is it OK to skip the ceremony and just turn up to the reception?”
The Wedding Guru says: Only if you have a good reason! Otherwise, since the ceremony is the most important aspect, it’s respectful to attend.

Q: “What if I don’t like the table where I’ve been seated?”
The Wedding Guru says: You shouldn’t move during dinner. After dinner is usually when guests can mingle.

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Q: “When is the appropriate time to leave a wedding?”
The Wedding Guru says: You should stay until the end — or at least until the formalities and speeches conclude, preferably after the Bridal Waltz.

Q: “What’s the most appropriate way to thank the bride and groom?”
The Wedding Guru says: In person on the night of the wedding is the best time. If they’re too busy or don’t make it to your table, an email or a note after the wedding is a nice gesture.

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