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The 3 Things You Need to Know If You Want a Weekend Wedding


More and more couples are choosing weekend weddings over traditional ones — in other words, a wedding that spans a few days. It seems a weekend affair beats a five-hour wedding that’s over in a flash. (Time flies when you’re having fun!) Of course, planning a weekend wedding poses its own set of issues, all which can be dealt with if recognized in time.

A bride-to-be asks:
“We love the thought of extending our wedding past four or five hours and stretching it into the weekend, though we’re not quite sure what obstacles we’ll face and what our main priorities should be when selecting a venue. Can you help?”

The Wedding Guru says:
The three main venue-related factors to consider when planning a weekend wedding are:

  • Accessibility: how easy it is to get to the venue?
  • Climate: what time of the year will there be good weather?
  • Affordability: does the venue fit your budget?

Unless your wedding includes only your nearest and dearest, you’re picking up the tab for your guests, or you don’t expect a gift, it’s important to choose a location that is both special to you and is negotiable for your guests. Once you know where you want your weekend wedding, your first order of business should be to alert your guests — the sooner the better. Save-the-date cards allow your friends and family to make the necessary arrangements as easily and affordably as possible.

I also strenuously suggest that you hire a wedding planner if your destination is not close to where you live. Having this type of person on-location can relieve the stress involved in planning a long-distance event. Some venues already include an on-site coordinator, so make sure you ask!

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