The 3 Items Every Stylish Jet-setter Shouldn’t Travel Without

Whether you’re going on vacation or heading back to school, here’s what every jet-setter shouldn’t leave home without

Summer is over, and that means I’m going back to college in Denmark… which means about 10 hours of traveling to look forward to. I’ll be traveling all night, so I most of all just want to put on a big yarn, my comfy Uggs, and “Sleeping Beauty” glasses — but my mom always taught me that looking like you’re going to a slumber party isn’t proper on an airplane. So whether you’re jetting off to a late-season vacation or heading to school like me, how do you travel in style without losing the comfort?

Item #1: Layers, Layers, Layers

It can be very chilly on the plane once you reach a certain height, though one time I was prepared for the cold and the complete opposite happened. Maybe the AC wasn’t working — or the staff just liked the feeling of the heat from Sahara — but at least I learned how to layer my clothes. Wear a cardigan over a dress and be prepared with a pair of tights. This way you can easily adjust.

Item #2: Your Personal Survival Kit

Don’t put on makeup until just before you land. Pack travel-sized mascara, powder, lip balm/gloss, and a small can of hairspray. This way, you avoid looking scruffy — and that messy hairdo we all hate. No one will be able to tell if you traveled from the other side of the world or just from Upper East Side to Downtown Manhattan (except for the luggage, maybe). Tip: I always bring lotion as my skin gets really dry on airplanes, and you can also use this as a dry-spot moisturizer. Win-win.

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Item #3: Inflatable Neck Pillow (and Earplugs)

Trust me, when that moment comes where you desperately want to take a nap, you’ll be very happy you brought this ugly (yet comfy) friend. It’s easy to carry since it’s inflatable, so it fits into your handbag. Also, a pair of earplugs might come in handy if the baby three seats behind you decide to show his or her dissatisfied self.

So my suitcase is packed and my handbag is loaded with my survival kit, neck pillow, earplugs, and lots of entertainment, in case the earplugs fail and the baby just won’t stop screaming. (Note to self: keep calm and carry on!)

Safe travels, fashionistas! 

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