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Sky Diving in the Hudson Valley


We know what you’re thinking – why jump out of a perfectly good airplane? It’s the enduring quagmire of sky diving. But there’s no sensation quite so intoxicating as cheating certain death, especially if you can actually do it in a safe and controlled environment.

Over the last 30 years, Skydive The Ranch of Gardiner has ushered thousands of people from high in the sky safely back down to earth countless times. And by offering the opportunity to have your dive immortalized on video or at least photographed, they’ll let you savor your day of daredeviling forever. What’s the fun of doing something extreme if you can’t boast about it, after all?

They emphasize safety and offer a training program to get you fully licensed to jump on your own. But first, your maiden plunge will be a tandem dive, safely strapped to the chest of an experienced instructor — like a baby dangling from his father’s torso. You’ll hop out of a small plane at 13,500 feet and free-fall for the first 6,000 of those. Then your parachute will be deployed and you’ll flutter slowly into gravity’s soft embrace.

Where to try it:

Skydive the Ranch, Gardiner; www.skydivetheranch.com

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