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Score Fresh Bread and Pastries at These Hudson Valley Bakeries



Is anything better than fresh bread? Think about it. Bread is a simple, beautiful thing. From humble beginnings (read: flour, water, and yeast), bread comes to life with hard work, patience, and a lot of love. As anyone who has ever made a loaf at home can attest, the anticipation of the final product amplifies as the yeasty scents waft through the air and become more tempting with each passing moment. The result, of course, is always worth the effort. Whether you carefully slice a baguette or tear a hunk off a round of focaccia, that first bite of fresh bread is nothing short of magic.

If you don’t have the stamina or the time to knead your heart out at home, fear not! The Hudson Valley is stocked to the brim with bountiful bakeries. Stop by one and pick up a fresh-from-the-oven loaf for dinner tonight. Be warned, however. With the abundance of mouthwatering goodies stocked behind the counter, it is all too easy to walk out with much more than a loaf or two.


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