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New York Fashion Week Runway Review: WHiT by Whitney Pozgay Spring 2013


WHiT by Whitney Pozgay’s Spring 2013 collection was a bright, bold, stark contrast to the nearly-drizzling NYC sky overhead. The presentation was friendly and warm, with Vita Coco coconut water in baskets nearby, and Caribbean beats perfectly set the island mood. The clothing itself was a ray of sunshine, complete with neon pieces and an original banana-leaf print that could be seen in various shapes and colors throughout. Everything was very young, fun and easy, but at the same time the cuts were clean and the clothes well-tailored. The simplicity of the designs really let the prints/bold hues speak for themselves.

It was also very on-trend, featuring all-white mesh looks, stripes, color blocking, lace, hot pink, and a few sea foam green pieces. (If you’re thinking “Sarah… it looks more like a mint,” I have the authority to correct you. I was at a show this past week and I said “I love the mint color!” and a PR girl quickly informed me that this hot color was officially being called “sea foam.” So there you have it.)

For me, the highlight of the collection was the fabulous line of neon purses that came in fun new shapes and sizes. It was WHiT’s handbag debut, and it didn’t disappoint.

Check out the gallery below for some shots from the show.

About The Girl in the Check Scarf:
Sarah Justine is a 17-year-old student/fashion blogger with nothing to wear, who reads The New Yorker, and schemes of going to Paris. She’s been blogging daily for three years at www.thegirlinthecheckscarf.com, and in March of 2012 she was named “One Of The Top 10 Bloggers Under 18” by guestofaguest.com. She is a TED attendee, fashion and technology geek, aspiring trend forecaster, and constant wearer of black clothing. She is currently a senior in high school and resides in Poughkeepsie, NY.

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