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New York Fashion Week Runway Review: Erin Fetherston Spring 2013


I fight this constant battle with myself: do I want to look “pretty” or “edgy?” I’m madly in love with the “rocker” look. Leather jackets, studs, eyeliner, all black — oh baby! It makes me feel like I can take on anything; I try to incorporate a touch of edginess in my outfit every day. On the other hand, I still want hints of girliness in my look. Not too much (you’ll never catch me wearing anything pink), but just enough to make me feel really beautiful.

Much to my dismay, there are a lot of “pretty” clothes out there, and there are a lot of “edgy” clothes out there… but there aren’t many clothes that combine the two. What’s a girl to do? Erin Fetherston to the rescue!

It’s like Fetherston read my mind when she created her collection for Spring 2013. She seamlessly introduced the rocker girl to the girly girl. Pink paired with black lace; leather pants with a tight, fitted pink jacket; black leather dresses with frilly hemlines. The fact that she made black dresses seem so feminine by making them hug the body was awesome to me.

Fetherston also experimented with the concept of ombré (colors that fade into another). Very bold oranges and yellows fade into white or pink, creating a very cool look; ombré was featured on both full-length maxis and party dresses. I think she understands that “edgy” doesn’t always mean pairing pretty dresses with black fabrics and studs — sometimes it’s incorporating more avant-garde ideas into an otherwise run-of-the-mill party dress, creating a surprising and beautiful effect.

If you hope to wear this awesome collection to prom, you can borrow one of the dresses on RentTheRunway.com for just $70 (the dress retails for $365). Check out Fetherston’s “XOXO” dress here. The rest of the collection will be available at ErinFetherston.com very soon.

Check out the slideshow below to see more looks from this collection.

About The Girl in the Check Scarf:
Sarah Justine is a 17-year-old student/fashion blogger with nothing to wear, who reads The New Yorker, and schemes of going to Paris. She’s been blogging daily for three years at www.thegirlinthecheckscarf.com, and in March of 2012 she was named “One Of The Top 10 Bloggers Under 18” by guestofaguest.com. She is a TED attendee, fashion and technology geek, aspiring trend forecaster, and constant wearer of black clothing. She is currently a senior in high school and resides in Poughkeepsie, NY.

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