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Mr. Dad and Ms. Mom Divorced


Brianna asks: “My parents are divorced. Both are participating in, (in part) financing, and attending my wedding. My mother wants to make it crystal clear to everyone that she is no longer married to my father. How should the invitation be worded to avoid any misunderstanding?”

Dear Brianna: How complicated the world is getting. My suggestion for wording:

Ms. Jane Smith (your mom)
Mr. John Smith (your dad)
Henrietta and Henry Brown (or more formally, “Mr. & Mrs. Henry Brown” — your fiancé’s parents) cordially invite you...

In this way each of the parties is appropriately recognized, since, if Jane and John were married, the invitation would read “Mr. & Mrs. John Smith,” or “Jane and John Smith.” If your mom wants to be even more clearly “separated” from John, she could use her maiden name.

I hope this helps. Have a wonderful wedding — and learn from your parents’ mistakes in their marriages!

If you want more information about properly addressing your invitations, read the article on HudsonValleyWeddings.com’s Wedding Guide, “Properly Addressing Your Invitations.”

Readers, how have you dealt with separated (or divorced) parents at your wedding? To submit your own question to “The Wedding Guru,” add your comment to the box below or email judy@hvmag.com.


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