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Latin Restaurants in Putnam County: Cache Restaurant, Brewster, NY


Cache Restaurant emphasizes the Caribbean side of Latin food, specifically the flavors from owner Nelson Colon’s native Puerto Rico. “We have all types of unique seasonings and herbs that give distinctive flavors to Caribbean food,” Colon says. “We use family recipes that were passed on from my grandmother to my mother, to my sisters, and so on.”

A highlight of that grandmotherly heritage is the shrimp in garlic sauce ($16), which is accompanied by mofongo — green plantains mashed together with broth, garlic, and olive oil — that is a favorite side dish throughout the Caribbean. The plantains are often infused with vegetables, chicken, crab, shrimp, or beef. Cache serves them with several different fillings.

Already a favorite among diners, Colon says, is beef or pork ribs in wine sauce ($16). First, the ribs are partially baked, removed from the oven and steeped in a sauce, then placed back in the oven. Once fully cooked, they’re served in a wine sauce.

Caribbean appetizers abound, from coconut shrimp and fried clams to seafood ceviche and fried bacalao, which is made from dried codfish (appetizers run from $3.50 to $10). A mojito, the favored minty drink in the islands, is $6, and the bar also specializes in Caribbean martinis. Pictures of Puerto Rican landscapes adorn the restaurant’s walls; there’s also a mural depicting one of the island’s white-sand beaches. The lounge includes a dance floor for the late-night crowd.

In the future, Colon hopes to expand the menu to include Portuguese cuisine. Thus far, most of his patrons are Hispanic, but he expects that with time he’ll draw more customers from the large Mexican and Guatemalan communities living in Brewster.

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