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How to Honor Your Mom at Your Wedding


It’s wonderful to receive a question from a bride who really remembers what weddings are about: family!

A Hudson Valley bride asks…

“I was raised by a single mother who gave her all to give me everything that she possibly could. She held down several jobs in order to supply my sister and I with more than any child could want. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized how much she had sacrificed for us. I would love to honor her at my wedding in an exceptional way, as exceptional as she is. Can you give me a few ideas?”

The Wedding Guru says…

For some, a mother’s love and devotion cannot be underestimated. I’m delighted that you want to recognize your mom in a special way and, yes, there are several things you can do!

  • Make your mom the Matron of Honor. She can escort you down the aisle, with or without someone else.
  • If it works with your tradition, you can ask her to light the Unity Candle with you.
  • You can write a special acknowledgement in your wedding program.
  • Ask Mom to make a toast at your reception — or you can make a toast to her.

Whatever you decide, it’s my opinion that Mom will be most appreciative!

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