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Grazin’, Hudson


Overview: Near the top of Warren Street, the owners of Grazin’ have breathed new life into this old vessel, once grim enough to serve as a backdrop for scenes in the Depression-era drama Ironweed, starring Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep as hobos. The exterior is the same squat, steel building, minutely wedged between two row-houses; but the inside is now painted in bright white and red, and staffed by energetic young-bloods buzzing around in stylish black outfits. This is one of a few must-stops for Valley-exploring Brooklynites during their time in Hudson — and judging by the crowds, they already know. Their focus is promoting quality through their use of hyper-local and organic ingredients, while inspiring diner nostalgia. 

The Menu: With winter upon us, you would be well-advised to stop in for a steaming mug of their salty-delicious broth (chicken, beef or pork). For your meal, try their most basic burger, the Grazin’ (or the mini-Grazin’ if you aren’t as hungry). It is best to eat meat of this quality at a juicy medium rare and unobscured by too many extra fixings. Grazin’ has also perfected a veggie burger that manages to stick together and retain its moisture, a feat of science most can’t seem to get down. Outside of the burger column you’ll find the liverwurst sandwich, an homage to the golden age of diners, served with pickled onion greens, Dijon chevre, and toasted Hudson Valley rye bread.

Standout Specials: Brunch is served on weekends from 9 a.m. until 11:45 a.m. and features a breakfast burger and one seasonally rotating special. 

Regulars Recommend: The “Uncle-Dude,” which adds chipotle mayo, jalapeño relish, organic cheese and GAA bacon to their basic burger, according to AJ (waiter)

Notable Feature: Grazin’ is the first restaurant in the world to be fully Animal Welfare Approved with all of their animal proteins coming from organic farms, practically just around the corner. 

Phone: 518.822.9323

Website: www.GrazinBurger.com

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