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Eco-Friendly Wedding Flower Ideas


A 2011 national survey by David’s Bridal, found that 78 percent of brides want to make their weddings more environmentally friendly. That’s what interests this week’s query from a local bride-to-be:

A Hudson Valley bride asks…
“I’m having an eco-friendly wedding, but I can’t find any suggestions regarding flowers. Help!”

The Wedding Guru says…
I commend you for making an eco-friendly wedding a priority — and you should certainly carry that theme into your flowers.

First and foremost, support local farmers. You’ll reduce the carbon footprint by eliminating the need for packing and shipping. Seasonal flowers are available in abundance from many local farm stands and growers.

You might also want to consider this relatively new option: an herbal wedding. In lieu of “regular” flowers, substitute decorative and scented herbs such as lavender and lemon balm to add color and aroma.

For centerpieces: consider potted plants, which double as party favors so your guests can plant them in their gardens.

Taking the plant idea one step further, you might use biodegradable seed packets as place cards or escort cards (they can also be taken home and planted).

See? An environmentally friendly wedding can be just as lovely as one that doesn’t take the environment in mind!

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