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Doing the Father-Stepfather-Daughter Dance


With divorces and remarriages, the roles of parents and siblings in your wedding can become awfully complicated! Here is one example.

A Hudson Valley bride asks:
“My parents divorced when I was very little, and I’m fortunate that both my stepfather and father have been a part of my life. Here’s my problem: I don’t know who to pick for my father-daughter dance! I think the dance is a wonderful way to say ‘thank you,’ but I don’t want to hurt either of them by choosing the other. The other option is for me to eliminate this part of the reception altogether. Can you help?”

The Wedding Guru says…
You are fortunate, indeed — and by no means would I suggest that you eliminate this special part of your wedding! I have two solutions: The first is to ask your birth father to dance to one song and then, for another, ask your stepfather. Or you can select a long song and split the time between the two.

Either way, I’m sure that both your dads will be pleased.

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