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Coming to America: A Dane’s Experiences in the Hudson Valley


Coming from Europe to the Hudson Valley for the first time is like visiting the epicenter of European history and culture. Town names, houses, and historic buildings are all influenced by European men and women, who once settled in The Land of Opportunity. Like me, they came to America in search for something new and better.  

Three weeks ago, I arrived at JFK excited (and nervous) for my first American adventure. As soon as I placed my feet on American soil, I headed off to New Paltz, where I am living the next three months. It took me six hours (!) to get out of the airport and arrive at this little town in the Hudson Valley. As I stood outside of my hostel, I couldn’t help thinking: where the heck am I? This place wasn’t exactly what I pictured when I thought of New York.    

After getting to know the town, I fell in love with its many sights and friendly community. New Paltz (named after the German region Palitinate) is a hippie town with plenty of opportunities to experience a bit of Europe without actually having to jump on an airplane (and ruining your budget)!

Five minutes away from where I live is Huguenot Street, where French families — also called the Huguenots — established the community in 1884. I have to admit, taking a stroll down this famous street the other day made me feel a bit homesick. The atmosphere and the cozy stone houses reminded me of my home country nearly 3,700 miles away.

Now you are probably wondering: who is this European know-it-all? My name is Anemone (“An-eh-mohn”) Stasevic, and I’m a media and journalism student from Denmark (yes, it’s a country, not a city in Germany or Sweden)! I’m Hudson Valley’s editorial intern for the next couple of months, and I can’t wait to experience more European influences in the beautiful Valley.

Have any questions or recommendations for Anemone? Suggest them as a comment below!

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