Color Coordination

The Wedding Guru Judy Lewis fields this week’s wedding questions. Today: Color Coordination, Walk the Walk

Carolee asks: “I have chosen to wear a cream colored gown because it looks much better with my complexion. Now — don’t laugh — but I wonder if having a white limousine will make my dress look… off-color?”

Dear Carolee: I‘m not laughing! I can understand that you, like many other brides, want everything to be as nearly perfect as possible. Personally, I have no problem with white and cream “clashing,” but I was told by one limousine driver that, with a cream gown, he would recommend a color other than white for the limousine.

Walk the Walk

Madison asks: “What’s the proper way for a bride to walk down the aisle?”

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Dear Madison: In traditional Christian weddings, the father of the bride escorts his daughter down the aisle to the altar, where the groom waits for and then greets her. The bride’s father “gives her away.” If the bride has no father, due to a death, divorce, or separation, there are a several alternative solutions:

The bride may enter, pause, and wait for her groom to greet her and then walk down the aisle together. She could choose to walk down the aisle alone, or she may be escorted by one of the ushers. The mother of the bride may greet her at the pew or a seat reserved for her, and then escort her daughter the rest of the way down the aisle. There, the mom can “give” the bride to the groom. A tradition amongst German brides, which some couples have adopted, is for them to walk down the aisle together. The bride may also choose to emulate Jewish tradition and be escorted down the aisle by both her parents, who remain under the wedding canopy with the couple.

There is, after all, no “right” and “wrong” way, but there are customs that reflect the history of people and countries — and these can be molded to suit special circumstances and situations. Hope this helps!

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