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A Local Java Shop Smokes the Competition With CBD Coffee



From creams to tinctures to pills, the previous year has seen a surge in Cannabidiol — aka CBD — products, as social acceptance of marijuana and related products has outstripped legalization. A Hudson Valley coffee shop has begun offering its own spin on the trend, with its CBD cold brew.

Sisters Megan and Francesca Denaut opened Reverie: Coffee and Craft Beer on Patterson’s Front Street in 2015. Their standard cold brew is steeped for 24 hours in one-gallon batches, from grounds roasted to order at Mahopac’s Bear Mountain Coffee Roasters. Since 2016, they’ve introduced salted caramel, blueberry pie, and chocolate raspberry variants.



And, in a first for the region, CBD.

“We’re very educated on the whole cannabis debate and its benefits,” says Megan. “So we thought, how can we bring these benefits to our customers legally and help open the conversations about cannabis?”

Thus came their particular strange brew. The sisters work with Strava Craft Coffee in Colorado, which specializes in roasting and bagging specialty coffees. Megan says that Reverie uses Strava because it infuses CBD from the very beginning of the process, rather than simply mixing in a powder late in the roasting.

“We don’t want to introduce our customers to products we aren’t fully educated on or passionate about,” she explains, “especially since CBD raises the price tags on items. You want to know its worth it and we can guarantee that!”

The result is a blend with all the flavor and kick of a cold brew, but the purported health benefits of CBD, including relief for anxiety and pain. It has been a hit with customers, Megan observes.

“We go through gallons a week of each flavor.”

The sisters currently sell bottles of their brew in local retail locations, and are working to get their CBD variant onto shelves. They also just opened a second location in Amenia.

“Being able to help education” and to “share the benefits,” says Megan. “That has been the greatest part of the CBD takeover.”


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