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In simpler times, families spent their whole lives within a few miles of each other. In our complex modern world, however, family members often wind up separated by many miles, living on different coasts or even different continents. A family reunion can be a great way to help your loved ones maintain connections while forming new memories.

Many reunions get planned during the summer months for vacation reasons, but summertime isn’t always the best option between the heat and the vacationing crowds. For that reason, some families are opting for a springtime family reunion as an alternative. Booking a reunion in spring offers a number of advantages:

Comfortable weather—spring weather is mild, but not usually hot.

Better availability—you’ll have a better chance at finding enough rooms at the lodge or campground of your choice without fighting the crowds.

More affordable—depending on where you lodge and how you travel, you may avoid peak season rates for both.

If a springtime family reunion sounds appealing to you, here are some tips to pull it off successfully.

Pick Someone to Organize It

If you have the passion and patience for it, maybe you’ll want to plan the reunion yourself. If not, choose a family member with good organizational skills to make reservations, figure out travel, plan activities, etc. Alternatively, the program coordinators at Frost Valley YMCA can help you plan a customized Catskill Mountain reunion to meet your family’s preferences.


Attempting to do everything yourself is a certain recipe for burnout—and everyone will enjoy themselves except you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from other family members handling certain parts of the planning.

Pick a Date as Soon as Possible (and Start Inviting)

For best results with coordinating busy schedules, start with a “save the date” email, then follow up with an official invitation once you’ve solidified your dates and location. Please note that springtime availability at Frost Valley fills up especially quickly, so it’s important to book as soon as possible to reserve your spot.

Choose a Location with Lots of Activities

You’ll all be glad to see each other, but without group activities, you’ll be surprised by how quickly moods change after several days of sitting around together. One great option is to hold your family reunion in a place with great outdoor activities and places to explore—and even better, choose a place that can coordinate activities for you! One great option is Frost Valley YMCA, which can accommodate large group with planned activities for all age groups and interests. The Main Camp offers a wide range of lodging options along with outdoor adventures like hiking, horseback riding, boating, archery, zip lines and more. Alternately, Frost Valley’s East Valley Ranch location is perfect for springtime reunions in a more secluded setting. Family members can stay in the lodge or in the Mongolian yurts, with activities that include horseback riding, hiking, ropes courses, fly fishing and more!

Both the Main Camp and East Valley Ranch are available for family reunions through June, making them an excellent springtime choice. Best of all, Frost Valley does all the cooking for you, so you can skip the meal planning and get right to the fun! East Valley Ranch reunions are offered for families 7 days a week; the Main Camp is open for weekend reunions. Availability in the spring is limited.

Why schedule your reunion for the hot, sticky summer months when a springtime family reunion could be much more pleasant? Plan ahead, delegate, and choose a location like Frost Valley YMCA where cooking and activities are a breeze. You’ll make your next family reunion one to remember.

Contact  Frost Valley YMCA to learn more and book your stay: 845-985-2291 ext. 450 and info@frostvalley.org.


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