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Many dentures feel cumbersome, uncomfortable, and constantly loose. This makes patients feel uneasy about smiling and eating.

At Windsor Dental, we love seeing our patients discover the thrill of a smile makeover. Many of our patients require specialized treatment, which we are happy to provide. From orthodontics to implants, we’re eager to help you look great and feel confident.

We have specialists in the field and staff to help you through any treatment necessary. Our Hudson Valley office is proud to offer a revolutionary treatment: the Zirconia Bridge. Featuring bridges made of zirconium, this 3D computer-guided dental implant placement could be your ticket to a better smile, especially if you’re ineligible for other types of implants.


How It Works

The Zirconia Bridge is typically reserved for patients who have a full denture or will need one in the future. Often, patients choose a Zirconia Bridge after learning that they’re ill-suited for traditional dental implants due to extensive bone loss. Lack of bone density at times makes traditional implants difficult.

The Zirconia Bridge provides a permanent, screw-retained same day replacement for the entire upper or lower jaw. Without the need for bone grafting, patients leave our office smiling with a set of teeth that they themselves helped to design. The ability to do this saves them time, money and discomfort.


Design Your Own Smile

Do you have a specific vision for your future smile? With a Zirconia Bridge, you can bring it to life. This implant option lends you a degree of control not available with other procedures. We are happy to help design your new smile with 3D digital imaging. At our office, you can preview your smile before it’s made. Additionally, digital imaging allows us to create a detailed and accurate map of your mouth. This will ensure precise placement.

Our use of 3D digital imaging will ease the stress you might otherwise experience before receiving implants. Going into the procedure, you can rest easy, knowing that the end result will be the exact look you desire.

Leave With a New Smile

Impatient to discover your new smile? With a Zirconia Bridge, waiting is a thing of the past. The procedure can be completed in just one day — and the recovery period is minimal. When you arrive, our staff will help you feel safe and comfortable. The IV sedation is administered, and in a few hours you are completely restored to your new smile.

Ready to learn more about All-on-4 and the many other services offered at Hudson Valley’s Windsor Dental? Be the best that you can be; call to learn the steps to a new confident smile.


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