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Win Tickets to Hudson Valley Magazine's Burger and Beer Bash


Want to win tickets to our Burger and Beer Bash at on July 31st? Answer our trivia by filling out the form below to enter the drawing — we’ll post a new question every Monday leading up to the Bash, and announce the winner of two free passes at noon on Wednesdays. Good luck!

Last year, so many Burger & Beer Bash guests told us they loved the local reggae-ska band, we just had to invite them back. Name the band for a chance to win our last pair of tickets!
HINT: Search hvmag.com/burgerbash’s “Sponsors” section for the answer
ANSWER: Royal Khaoz
WINNER: Teresa Dale, Poughkeepsie

Burgers may be the stars of the show at Burger & Beer Bash, but we also invited local businesses whose treats will suit any sweet tooth’s tastes! Name one of our vendors providing sweet treats for a chance to win a pair of tickets.
HINT: Search hvmag.com/burgerbash for the answer
ANSWER: Moxie Cup, New Paltz
WINNER: Kathy Ripa, Fort Montgomery

Can you name the first-place winner of last year’s Burger & Beer Bash? (This eatery, which has locations in Poughkeepsie, Middletown, and Newburgh, was crowned Burger Champion in 2013 for its mushroom slider.) Send us your best guess for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the Bash!
HINT: Search hvmag.com/burgerbash for a list of vendors; the winner is on this list. 
ANSWER: Cosimo’s Trattoria, Poughkeepsie/Middletown/Newburgh
WINNER: Steve Schultz, Poughkeepsie

We try to support local organizations wherever we can, so every event we host benefits a charity. Name this year’s official Burger & Beer Bash Charity for a chance to win a pair of tickets.
HINT: Search hvmag.com/burgerbash for the answer!
ANSWER: Food Bank of the Hudson Valley
WINNER: April Colley, Millbrook

Hudson Valley Magazine’s Burger & Beer Bash is back for another round! We’re returning to the same waterfront as last year; name the location of this year’s Bash for a chance to win a pair of tickets.
HINT: Search hvmag.com/burgerbash for the answer!
ANSWER: Shadows on the Hudson Marina, Poughkeepsie
WINNER: Brittany McNamara, Kingston

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