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Every Flight Available From Newburgh’s Stewart International Airport

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While Delta and JetBlue have suspended flights out of SWF, Allegiant and American Airlines still provide affordable and convenient flying in the Hudson Valley.

Traveling has become more complicated than ever in the face of the coronavirus. In addition to rigorous testing and sterilization protocols at New York airports, Governor Cuomo has enacted new travel advisories to limit the spread of COVID-19. If you do choose to leave home to travel, follow these guidelines closely before, during, and after your trip.

Planning chaotic trips from bustling airports like JFK is often a juggling act of layovers, tight schedules, and far more luggage than you could ever need, now with the added variables of temperature monitoring, social distancing, and other safety measures. Sound stressful? Just wait until you’re in the thick of it and you realize you still need to get through security and board the plane.

Located in the heart of the Hudson Valley, New York Stewart International Airport (SWF) is a smaller and more convenient option for travel out of New York than JFK or even EWR. While the Orange County airport has in the past boasted international flights and airlines like Delta, American Airlines, and JetBlue, Delta has permanently suspended flights out of SWF. Today, American Airlines and Allegiant Air still provide cheap, safe options for flying to the southern United States.

“Allegiant’s success at New York Stewart International Airport is a testament to our strong partnership and the airline’s commitment to follow through on its service expansion plans in the Mid-Hudson Valley,” said Omar Astacio, Interim General Manager of New York Stewart International Airport. “We applaud Allegiant and look forward to continue working and growing together.”

Update: New York Stewart International Airport does not currently offer international flights or domestic flights from Delta, American Airlines, or JetBlue.


Myrtle Beach

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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

To get to Myrtle Beach, check out the deals with Allegiant, which flies direct to the South Carolina locale. Depending on when you go, you can pick up a few bargain-priced $75 tickets, which help offset the cost of all the tempting attractions at the beach. After all, Myrtle Beach is 100-percent a vacation destination. Whether you explore the 60 miles of coastline or book a trip around a local destination, you’ll love the chance to soak in the sunshine down south.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

SWF used to boast cheap, international flights to several countries in Europe, including a popular route via Norwegian Air (which it no longer offers). While direct flights out of the United States have been suspended, there are connections through Philadelphia. Direct flights from Orange County to Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) cost under $112 and quickly connect you with flights all over the country and to Puerto Rico, Canada, and elsewhere.

Tampa Florida

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Maybe it’s the siren song of warmer weather that lures Hudson Valleyites to Florida, or maybe it’s the fact that there’s just so much to do in the Sunshine State. Either way, there are quite a number of ways to get there from SWF.

If you’re looking to fly south, use Allegiant for trips to Orlando (SFB), Punta Gorda (PGD), or St. Pete / Clearwater / Tampa (PIE). One-way prices begin around $70 for Orlando and $56 for Punta Gorda. Whether you are visiting family or traveling for work, these flights are the cheapest and safest local options around to get to Florida. Additionally starting June 13, 2021, Destin (VPS) will be an available destination with fares as low as $59 each way.

All flights through JetBlue have been suspended temporarily due to the pandemic. Ordinarily, anyone looking to head further south could take a look at the airline’s Fort Lauderdale (FLL) flights, which bring you straight to an abundance of beautiful beaches and cultural hubs.

Savannah, Georgia 

Flights starting May 26 will be available to “The Peach State” via Savannah International Airport (SAV). Allegiant’s low rates extend to Georgia, with flights as low as $59 each way.

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