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Events: Kids’ Play Dates in February 2014


Will You Be My Valentine?

Feb. 14: Valentine’s Day Cookie Workshop The day of chocolates and sweet treats has arrived! Store-bought candies are all well and good, but a handmade confection means a lot more — not to mention the fact that it tastes better, too. Decorate heart-shaped cookies and take home some special Valentine’s Day candies to give to that special someone. 10 a.m. $7.50 museum admission, $5 for the workshop. Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum. 75 N. Water St., Poughkeepsie. 845-471-0589 or www.mhcm.org

Seeing Shadows

Feb. 2: Celebrate Groundhog Day Is the end of winter near? Or are we stuck with six more weeks of cold? It all depends on whether our furry friend the groundhog sees his shadow when he peeks out from his underground home. Join a Hudson Highlands Nature Museum guide for an outdoor walk, and you can search for the telling shadows yourself. Along the way, absorb fun facts about how groundhogs live. Don’t forget to make a craft before you leave. Recommended ages 5 and up. Preregistration required. 10 a.m. $6, $4 children. Wildlife Education Center. 25 Boulevard, Cornwall-on-Hudson. 845-534-5506, ext. 204 or www.hhnaturemuseum.org

Talkin’ Baseball

Feb. 2: Everybody’s Hero: The Jackie Robinson Story Every baseball fan knows the story of Jackie Robinson — the very brave man who broke racial barriers and was the first African American to play in the major leagues. This moving musical provides a glimpse into his life, recounting all the major moments that motivated him to pursue his dream — and show our nation the importance of accepting all people. 3 p.m. $12, adults free when accompanying a child. The Egg. Empire State Plaza, Albany. 518-473-1845 or www.theegg.org

Slow and Steady

Feb. 22: The Tortoise and the Hare We’ve all heard the tale: The speedy hare wants desperately to win a race, but gets tired quickly and takes a nap; he then loses to the slow-but-steady tortoise. But are these descriptions of the two critters accurate? Are tortoises always slow and calm creatures? Are hares always jumpy and fast? Find out the answers to these questions, and other fun facts about animals that are depicted in fairy tales, at Teatown Lake Reservation. Preregistration required. 2 p.m. $5. 1600 Spring Valley Rd., Ossining. 914-762-2912, ext. 110 or www.teatown.org

Comedy Central

Feb. 8: Circo Comedia Acrobatics, juggling, slapstick humor, oh my! Hailing from Montreal, dynamic duo Jean Saucier and Patrick Côté perform in old-time circus style. Complete with unicycle routines, gags with gigantic stacks of playing cards, and some classic magic tricks, the show follows magician-acrobat Saucier as he tries his best to perform with his well-intentioned — but not always helpful — assistant Côté. Be sure to stay alert, since audience members are often invited onstage. Recommended ages 3 and up. 11 a.m. & 1:30 p.m. Emelin Theatre. 153 Library Ln., Mamaroneck. 914-698-0098 or www.emelin.org

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