Erik Siuda

8 Golden Falcons Tattoo Company, Brewster


8 Golden Falcons Tattoo CompanyBrewster



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When did you first become interested in tattooing? 

Erik Siuda: I grew up in Brooklyn looking at people with tattoos since I was a little kid. I became a graffiti artist at around 13 or 14, and, when I turned 18, I got my first tattoo by [famed tattoo artist] Sean Vasquez. He saw my portfolio and my black book of all my graffiti I did and offered me an apprenticeship. Then I helped build Triple X Shop in Manhattan, and that is history. That was [in] 1997. 


What is your style like and how has it evolved over the years? 

ES: I have always had a huge love of Japanese tattoos, and the shop that I started at was famous for [it]. I always had this very strong draw to tons of traditional and neo-traditional Japanese tattoos. Over the years I have created my own style, and now I really just like to do everything.

But my loves are Japanese and neo-traditional Americana tattoos. Everything has my own spin on it. But bold lines, solid color, and just tattoos that are going to stand the test of time. 


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8 Golden Falcons

Tattoo photos by Erik Siuda


Do you have any memorable tattoos you have created? 

ES: There’s so many. I put my heart and soul into every tattoo I do, and I treat every tattoo with respect and love. So, I would say every single tattoo that somebody gives me the opportunity to do for them is memorable in that way. 


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How many tattoos do you have personally? 

ES: The joke is that I have one big one. I lost count, probably would say that I am 50 to 60 percent covered. 


Where in the Hudson Valley do you tattoo? 

ES: I own a tattoo shop in Brewster, and the name of the shop is 8 Golden Falcons Tattoo Company. I’ve had the shop for three and a half years now. 



What do you like clients to know before they get a tattoo with you? 

ES: Basically, to have a general idea of what they are looking to do and [come with] inspirations and ideas. Then, when they are coming to me getting a tattoo, they know who I am and trust what I do.

Micromanaging is my pet peeve. I believe there has to be a lot of mutual trust with the artist and the client. The client [can] definitely speak and give opinions and what they like, but [they should] have a lot of faith in the person they are choosing to create a permanent mark on their body. 


What are you looking forward to at Hudson Valley Tattoo Fest? 

ES: I am looking forward to seeing my friends who I haven’t seen in a long time from all over the place. It is kind of like a family reunion in a way but also fun at the same time. [I’m] looking forward to having a blast at the tattoo convention and looking forward to doing some badass tattoos. 


8 golden falcons 2


What does 2019 and the future look like for you? 

ES: Maybe finally slowing down a bit. I am a workaholic. If I am not tattooing, painting, building a car, or working on a motorcycle, [I’m] always home with my family with my wife and kids. Hopefully I can learn to put the breaks down a bit and enjoy life a bit more. 


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