Axe Throwing Arrives at Poughkeepsie’s Too-Cool Entertainment Center

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The trending experience comes to Spins Bowl in Poughkeepsie, with Spins Bowl in Carmel and Wappingers Falls to follow.

Have you thrown an axe in the Hudson Valley yet?

A relatively new addition to the Hudson Valley, axe throwing arrived at Spins Bowl Poughkeepsie during the first weekend of February. It joins a handful of other onsite attractions, including bowling, laser tag, and arcade games.

If anyone is new to axe throwing, don’t fret. There are Axe Pros present during all games at Spins Bowl to give helpful hints on throwing and keeping the game fun, but more importantly to make sure everyone is safe. With six lanes of axe throwing and six throwers per lane at the Poughkeepsie location, ensuring a safe and controlled environment is a must for the Axe Pros. Guests in neighboring lanes all throw and retrieve the axes at the same time. There is also a safety barrier between each lane, and all lanes are enclosed within metal mesh.

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Photos by Spins Bowl

It was a fairly easy decision for Bill Diamond, the owner of Spins Bowl, to bring axe throwing to a handful of the brand’s locations. It all started when he and his wife, Katie, were invited to an axe throwing birthday party in Brooklyn where Diamond quickly realized how entertaining throwing axes was for everyone.

“It was such a fun experience. I turned to Katie and said, ‘We have to add this to every one of our venues,’” Diamond recalls. “The next week we began planning and very quickly began to roll this out.”

Although Diamond owns a few different entertainment properties, Spins Bowl Poughkeepsie is the trailblazer for Spins bowling venues when it comes to axe throwing.

“We look at the Poughkeepsie location as our flagship location for the Hudson Valley,” Diamond says.

Photos by Spins Bowl

As for how to participate, anyone above the age of 16 is welcome to try their hand at axe throwing as long as they sign a waiver. If guests follow the rules at all times, Diamond is confident that everyone will be safe.

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“Surprisingly, axe throwing is probably safer than bowling,” Diamond notes. “We actually see more injuries in bowling than any other activity we have across all of our venues.”

Both District Social and now Spins Bowl Poughkeepsie offer axe throwing in the Hudson Valley. The activity will eventually roll out at all entertainment venues Diamond owns, but, for now, keep an eye out for axe throwing at Spins Bowl Carmel, Spins Bowl Wappingers Falls, and Spins Hudson next.

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