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4 of the Coolest Tattoo Artists in the Hudson Valley Right Now



There was a time when only bikers, jailbirds, and sailors got tattoos. Now, everyone is in on the trend. A recent study finds that 40 percent of people born between 1980-2000 have a tattoo, a sure sign that they have gone viral. Tattoo parlors have been transformed from seedy, subterranean dives into beautifully appointed galleries that display the work of the artists in residence. Exhibitions, like Chicago’s “Eye Tattooed America,” have elevated the work of tattooers to fine art, while TV shows like Ink Master and London Ink raise public awareness of tattooing techniques. It’s not just the perception of tattooing that’s changing, it’s the technology, too. High-tech sterilization equipment speeds up prep time, allowing artists more hours for creativity. And it shows: Where you once had to choose from tattoo “flash” — that is, ready-made art that could be applied “in a flash” — today’s tats are custom designed and limitless in possibilities. We visited four top artists in the region to take the pulse of this ever-changing world.

adam lauricella graceland tattoo kelly torres black cherry tattoo studios
miranda lorberer pop's tattoo emporium thom devita

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