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You may not see the red and white barber pole outside, but once you walk through the doors of The Edge Barber Shop in Poughkeepsie, you’ll know you’re in a barber shop, not a salon. Thanks to The Edge, the traditional barber shop is back!

On any day, you are bound to see boys and men of all ages getting haircuts and shooting the breeze about everything from sports to sneaker styles to movies. Jody Dyckman, President of The Edge Barber Shop, says he wanted to give boys and men a place to go where they felt comfortable. He also wanted to create a traditional barber-shop feel while embracing the 21st century.

The Edge Barber Shop has barbers to match every style from “The Teacher” to “Box the Barber.” The Teacher brings 50 years’ experience, working part-time at the Edge and training barbers at a school in Fishkill. Box brings the new looks for teens and young adults and has the banter to match.

Dyckman says, “Box is becoming known on social media and we have only been open for a few weeks.”

The Edge is also becoming known for its hot towel shaves, using the traditional straight razor.

The Hot Towel Shave

There’s an art to a clean shave. And The Edge knows the secret. According to Askmen.com, Beau Brummell of the 19th century is credited with bringing back the clean-shaven look. “Shaving became a pastime and, barbers became artisans.” The barber shop shave became so popular that barbers were working 90 hours a week to keep up.

Dyckman believes the hot towel shave with a straight edge blade is one of the true marks of being a barber shop. The demand for it at the shop is growing as men discover what made it such a tradition in the past.

the edge barber shop
the edge barber shop the edge barber shop

The shave

  • Take a seat in the chair and recline awhile.
  • Enjoy the warmth of the hot towels on your face.
  • Feel a full lather before the shave begins.
  • Let the barber work his magic with the straight edge blade, going against the grain. No disposable razor can come close to the clean-shaven look of a straight blade.
  • Sit back for a few more minutes while the barber treats your face to soothing oils.

The benefits

  • A straight razor gives a much cleaner shave than disposable or electric razors.
  • A professional the blade’s helm means you don’t miss a hair and have a truly polished, professional look.
  • The warm towels, lather, and oil are a wonderful combination for the ultimate relaxation.
  • Since the razor is sterilized between shaves, it is better for the environment.

Not for men only, The Edge has included a salon in the back for women who want the usual salon services from wash and cut to curling to hair coloring. Dyckman says the main goal of the Edge is to create a truly welcoming atmosphere for patrons to come so they can look their best and feel comfortable through the process.

The Edge Barber Shop
780 Main Street
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

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