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Setting a resolution to save is easy; following through can be more difficult. But, it doesn’t have to be. Energy is one of the most basic necessities and costs of maintaining a home, and one that is highly controllable – simple actions can make a big impact. That’s where CenHub comes in. 

CenHub is Central Hudson’s modern-day answer to personal energy management. Understanding where, when and how energy is predominantly used within your home is the first step to savings and the CenHub portal helps you accomplish this. Accounting for heating and cooling costs is simple; these seasonal costs are responsible for as much as 48 percent of the average home’s energy bills. 

But, are you aware of your other energy usage, and the best ways to conserve? For example, do you know how easy it is to save on lighting costs? You can save energy at a rate of $15 per light bulb, per year, merely by replacing incandescent bulbs with long-lasting LEDs, and you can purchase top-brand LED bulbs for just $1 each, courtesy of the many instant rebates available for Central Hudson customers on CenHubStore.com. Similar benefits can be enjoyed with smart thermostats and connected home products.

CenHub puts valuable tools at your fingertips for free. Even better, you can earn gift cards to popular retailers for proactively practicing energy conservation tips that become more focused and personalized to your needs based on information input to your home profile. Get started with an online Central Hudson account. Review your energy usage month over month and compare it to that of neighbors with similar homes. Sign up for budget billing to stabilize your monthly energy payments and take advantage of other self-serve tools for easy account maintenance.

When you’re ready to take things a step further and really outsmart your home, subscribe to CenHub Insights+, a monthly subscription service that provides access to more granular usage information.  Track energy use down to the hour to help determine which appliances or behaviors are driving up your energy costs. Experiment with making changes and see how impactful they can be within just one day. Do you know how energy-hungry your home is, even when you’re away? Or, whether there is a particular time of day when your energy soars? This service can provide you with that awareness and enable you to correlate the information to the average daily temperature, if desired.

Whether you’re looking to save, or become more mindful of your energy use, establish a CenHub account and move closer to your goal. It takes only seconds to sign up, and the benefits are long lasting. Visit CentralHudson.com/CenHubSavings to learn more.