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Where in the Hudson Valley Contest: “Larger Than Life” Statue


While this arm may not seem out of the ordinary, it actually belongs to a figure that stands more than 13 feet tall. When this giant was first constructed back in 2006 by New York City artist Maria Reidelbach, it was the largest of its kind. Now it ranks third tallest in the world, after an 18-foot-tall one in Poland and a 15-foot one in Iowa. This figure’s attire changes seasonally and has been spotted holding flowers, wearing a cozy winter scarf, and even sporting a giant hula-hoop. He makes his home in an open area that boasts everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to a petting zoo and a miniature golf course.

Do you know the name of this gargantuan guy? And where does he stand? Submit your answer to the form below. The first reader with the correct response wins a prize. Good luck!