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Where in the Hudson Valley Contest: “Balancing Act” Boulder


On an otherwise nondescript road stands a massive boulder, appearing to be precariously perched atop five smaller rocks. It’s fashioned from a 60-ton chunk of pink granite, but curiously, this igneous rock is not native to the surrounding area. It’s just one of the reasons the origins of this Stonehenge-like formation have long perplexed locals and geologists alike.

Most scientists believe this quirky roadside attraction is what’s known as an “erratic,” a glacial leftover from the last Ice Age. But others don’t think it’s the remains of a melting glacier. One Harvard marine biologist suggests it might actually be a man-made dolmen, a stone tomb common in Europe that Bronze-Age seafarers erected for worship purposes.

Whether Native Americans or Celts did, in fact, embrace this site with ceremonial rituals in mind may never be determined. A nearby parking lot makes it possible to do more than merely drive by this super-sized stone; after you touch or crawl underneath it — fears of toppling aside, the structure is solidly in place — a spiritual connection is inevitable.

Can you identify the name of this peculiar, offbeat landmark and its location? Submit your answer using the form below. The first reader with the correct response wins a prize. Good luck!

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