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Keep This Hudson Valley Guidebook in Your Car


Now is the perfect time for a road trip: The sun is shining, the car is fueled up, you’re ready to rock. But where to go? If you’re smart, you’ll have this handy book in your glove box. Published in June, the 10th edition of author Joanne Michaels’ guide to the lovely Hudson Valley and Catskills (in print for 30 years!) breaks down the region county by county — from how to get there to what to see and do, where to dine, historical sites, and the best places to bed down if you feel like hanging around. An example of its usefulness is the one-pager at the beginning, with suggestions on don’t-miss attractions if you’re only visiting for 2–3, 4–5, or 6–8 days. 


350 pages, JMB Publications, $23.95 (paperback)


Book jacket photo courtesy of Joanne Michaels