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You’ll Love This Hudson Valley Author’s Gorgeous, Approachable Cookbook


Photo by David Loftus

Superstar cookbook author and Hudson Valley resident Julia Turshen has added a new title to her resume. Now & Again unites seasonal recipes and suggestions for transforming leftovers in an inviting, thoughtful cookbook.

Divided by season, each section features five themed meals — such as Grilled Vietnamese Breakfast, Steakhouse Dinner for Vegetarians, or Feast of the Almost Seven Fishes — with four to seven recipes apiece.

In true home-cook fashion, Now & Again does away with mystifying kitchen techniques, and recipes, like the one on the next page, rely on familiar ingredients. Turshen’s Black Forest Cake, for example, unapologetically calls for store-bought sour cherry preserves. Even the (relatively) labor-intensive Crispy Scallion and Sesame Pancakes require fewer than 10 ingredients. Most helpful, however, is that she eliminates the planning phase of cooking. On the title page for each meal, she details how far in advance dishes can be prepped — anywhere from a month to right before serving.

Turshen earns readers’ trust with her affable voice and engaging stories — from her feminist grandfather’s Seder musings, to her omission of ideas for leftover baked pasta: “I think the best thing about leftover baked pasta is not transforming it but eating it cold out of the refrigerator.”

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