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Grab All That Java at These Fun Trailer-Sized Coffee Stops



All That Java isn’t so much a coffee shop as a coffee stop. Baristas serve customers coffee out of a 96 sq ft trapezoid built on a trailer, a concept that lends itself to duplication — particularly in the form of franchises.

“I always wanted to have multiple units, and noticed that so many of our franchise owner candidates were great women at different stages in their lives,” says owner Samantha Sapienza. “I wanted to give interested women a chance to run a business and be independent.”

She now has 10 franchise owner candidates. “It’s in women’s nature to multi-task, and all the candidates have a great vibe,” she says, adding, “I can teach them about the business, but I can’t teach that.”

Sapienza opened the first location of All That Java in Rhinebeck in 2016, after spending 15 years outside Seattle and its pervasive coffee culture. A second location opened in Kingston in September 2018. Thanks to her new initiative, more are coming soon.

As of now, the Hudson Valley is the main location for the franchising. “I love all the creativity found up here,” she says, “There are new people moving up from the city, and we want to bring both the newcomers and long-time residents our quality coffee.”   


All that java

Photo by Samantha Sapienza

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