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From Montessori to Waldorf, single gender to college prep, the Hudson Valley has a wide variety of private independent schools for local parents to consider. Make sure you’re on their list with Hudson Valley’s Private Independent Schools Guide, the must-read resource for parents seeking information on choosing the right school for their child.

The Guide Will Include:

• Comprehensive listing of all participating private independent schools
• Descriptions of the different types of private independent schools
• Your school will be included in the writeup
• Bonus overprints distributed to guidance offices, open houses and school fairs

No Charge Digital Bonus!

We will promote and drive traffic to the Private Independent Schools Guide’s digital edition with a targeted email reaching parents of students (K-12).


SPACE CLOSE: December 21, 2022
MATERIALS DUE: January 4, 2023
PUBLICATION DATE: February 10, 2023

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