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Pet N Play Luxury Pet Resort in Newburgh is your pet’s complete solution center. With emotionally and physically fulfilling activities and spa services, pets are known to run toward the Resort after their first visit. Connected to Middlehope Veterinary Hospital, the Resort opened in 2006. Dr. Richard Solomons, owner of the Resort, says, “What makes us different is that we are an activity-based facility. Pets are happier and healthier throughout their stay with many opportunities to get exercise and loads of human contact.”

At Pet N Play, dogs have individualized fitness sessions. “They are great for energetic pets,” explains Dr. Solomons. “We also offer group playtime. Our purpose is to individualize the experience to find what each pet loves to do, from cuddle times and romping and playing to ice cream treats and chew toys. All this in our safe, veterinary supervised resort with expertly trained and certified staff.”

pet n play luxury resort
Pet N Play Resort

Tucking In at Night

Dogs get the royal treatment throughout their stay. There is even a story time in the evening before dogs are tucked in for the night. They receive suite accommodations, which includes a big room with a comfy bed, sheepskin rug, cable TV, or piped in music. Some even have windows.

A Room With a View

Owners can even check in on how much fun their pets are having by using the doggie cams, which are made available with a code to watch your pet. Dr. Solomons says this gives owners peace of mind while they are away and allow them to see how much fun their pets are having.

Services For the Young and Experienced

Group daycare is available for pets Monday to Friday. Pets are separated by energy, size, and temperament. Those who prefer more human contact stay with staff more than in the groups.

Puppies have daycare available on Tuesday and Thursday. They also play with pups their size and learn social skills. In addition, puppies can learn everything from basic obedience to competitive obedience in classes at the Canine Training Academy or receive training while they stay on vacation.

Dogs can even train to become therapy dogs. Dr. Solomons says, “The six-week program prepares dogs to volunteer at the local library, hospitals, and nursing homes.”

Pet N Play Resort Pet N Play Resort

Spas, Salons, and Splashes

Grooming salon and spa services pamper pets of all ages. Haircuts, spa services, and pedicures are only the beginning. The treatment just gets better from there with aqua massages and blueberry facials available as well.

Pet N Play recently opened the first water park for dogs in the Hudson Valley. Dogs can frolic through the water that is spraying from colorful sprinklers and fire hydrants. Dr. Solomons says, “It is so heartwarming to watch as dogs drag their owners back to the Resort when they arrive. We are happy they are glad to be with us.”

Pet N Play Luxury Pet Resort
5349 Rte. 9W, Newburgh

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