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Use It or Lose It: Tooth Loss Leads to Bone Loss

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“Tooth loss equals bone loss. And in the end, it’s the bone loss that can lead to higher treatment costs. There may be no easier way to state this fact.”

(“Tooth Loss Leads to Bone Loss and More Costs,” TeethXpress, 2021)

If you have suffered tooth loss or know someone who has, it’s important to know that a removeable full denture is not your only option. Seeking help from a trusted Dental provider sooner than later makes for a less complicated process and often, lessens the cost! The concept of implant retained dentures has become the preferred choice in replacing multiple teeth among patients with an extremely high success rate. Undoubtedly, fixed dentures by dental implants have become the standard of care for tooth replacement. It’s important to understand why replacing teeth is essential to our form and function.

Generally, most of our skeletal-bone structure requires stimulation to keep form, strength, and volume. Simply, when the bone isn’t stimulated, we begin to lose it. For instance, walking stimulates your leg bones and pushing a grocery cart stimulates your arm bones. When it comes to your jaw and facial structure, the only way to stimulate these bones is by chewing food. If you feel your partial or full denture is your only option, we encourage you to never settle. When a denture is worn for several years, the jawbone begins to shrink from a lack of stimulation that natural tooth roots or dental implants provide. Losing your teeth and wearing a denture will affect your smile and change the shape of your face, causing you to look prematurely aged.

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Dr. Richard K. Whalen at Dental Design Studio, offers the concept of implant retained prosthetics, also known as All-on-4 [1]. All-on-4 is a term used to describe a dental implant procedure that uses four dental implants to support an upper and/or lower set of fabricated teeth. A dental implant is a small, usually titanium, component that is strategically positioned in the jaw to replace the root of a missing tooth. In a single unit implant, a crown is attached and held in place by the titanium implant. In the case of an All-on-4, the prosthetic is screwed down and anchored by the implants. Your jawbone bonds (osseointegration) to the dental implant to provide permanent support. The presence of the dental implants stimulates the jawbone and retains skeletal form, while the All-on-4 provides function and a natural aesthetic!

dental design studio toothAt Dental Design Studio, Dr. Richard K. Whalen believes oral care requires a mindful and personalized approach. Our Poughkeepsie, NY office strives to provide individual treatment plans for every patient to address tooth replacement needs and desires. We have carefully selected our clinical team of hygienists and assistants to create the friendly and professional atmosphere that you deserve. As your first contact, our experienced team is responsible for assisting you with scheduling, dental insurance, and other aspects of your healthcare experience. This group of professionals is integral to the overall success of your treatment.  Whether you are replacing a single missing tooth or require the procedure to replace several teeth, we can help you. Contact our office today, (845)452-7653.  Schedule a consultation and find out if dental implants are a viable solution for you.

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[1] All-on-4 is a registered trademark of Nobel Biocare
“Tooth Loss Leads to Bone Loss and More Costs – TeethXpress.” TeethXpress, Xpress Connection, 14 Sept. 2021, https://www.teethxpress.com/tooth-loss-leads-to-bone-loss/.

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