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Transforming Your Home into Your Safe Haven with High-Quality Pieces and Great Design


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No matter what stage of life you’re in, no matter what you’re doing or where you live, you can likely agree on one thing:

You need a secure, safe space where you can just slow down.

For most of us, that place is our home.

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Lindsay T. Graham, PhD., a researcher at the University of California at Berkeley, notes that “…our homes can be incredibly important tools for shaping our daily experiences.” She even theorizes that home decor and design can “serve as a form of emotional regulation.”

With carefully-considered design and gorgeous homewares, you can make your house into a true haven.

Ethan Allen couch

#1 Start with High-Quality Pieces for Considered, Serene Spaces

Designing a room thoughtfully often comes down to a less-is-more mindset.

Think about it: When you flip through a magazine, and a spread catches your eye, how many pieces of furniture are set on that stage?

Choosing those few pieces with care can really pay off.

When you’re selecting furniture and home accessories, keep an eye out for:

High-quality materials. The feel of a space often depends on elements like sumptuous, lovely fabrics and seamlessly-joined woodwork.

Ethan Allen dining room

Timeless style. Your most-loved furniture and accessories should be classic enough to grow with you over the years. Ethan Allen has been creating versatile pieces built to look consistently fresh since 1932.

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Reliable artisanship. Sourcing furniture from local, trusted manufacturers can help you find that value. Our workshops are located in Maiden, North Carolina, and in both Beecher Falls and Orleans, Vermont.

Constant commitment to the craft. Ethan Allen prioritizes both local manufacturing and constant innovation. That way, our customers enjoy traditional artistry and the latest materials, techniques, and trends in the furniture industry.

#2 Invest in Optimal Comfort with Strategic Lighting and Window Accessories

Seeing a space styled appropriately for its can feel like magic.

For example, with layered lighting options, you can make your living spaces feel bright and productive or dark, moody, and perfect for a nap.

Further: With well-placed window accessories, you can even feel safer in your home.

For example, adding vertical blinds to your windows can make your home feel more private. This is especially crucial at night, when you want to feel cocooned in your cozy space!

Finally, if you have an entertainment center set up in a large room with many windows, your screen could have an awkward glare. Strategic shades can make that a nonissue.

With aesthetic Hunter Douglas shades and innovative upgrades such as PowerView Automation, you can accomplish that magic without lifting a finger.

Ethan Allen Shades

#3 Consult with Design Specialists to Leverage Strategy and Style in Your Home

Design specialists will have the expertise required to create your dream room for you. Partnering with them can make curating your living spaces a serene (and even fun!) process.

At Ethan Allen Newburgh, we are always ready to provide both in-store and at-home interior design services for no extra charge.

Ethan Allen Living Room

Our specialists are ready to help you select pieces perfectly-suited to your living spaces, from blinds to bedspreads to lamps, shades, mattresses, and more.

Stop by Ethan Allen Newburgh, a furniture store that’s served the Hudson Valley for over 50 years, to see what’s in style. Here, connect with our designers for personalized curation and design assistance. In the meantime, follow us on Instagram or Facebook for updates and inspiration.

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