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Car crashes are the leading cause of death for teens. As a parent, setting a good example is the key to safe teen driving. Here are some tips for parents to follow when teaching their teen how to drive safely:

Be a Role Model: As a parent, never drive recklessly and always obey the rules of the road. Wear your seat belt and refrain from using your phone. Don’t tailgate or yell at other drivers. Your teen looks up to you! Set a good example.

Practice Driving with Them: Practice safe driving with your teen as often as you can. The more experience s/he has, the safer they will drive.

Discuss the Rules of the Road: Make sure your teen understands the rules of the road. Teach them about the dangers and consequences of texting while driving and drinking while driving.

Set and Enforce Rules: Use a parent/teen driving agreement to set and enforce driving rules. If you don’t want them to drive in certain areas or areas far away from home, set and enforce those rules early on. Gradually introduce new privileges.

Speak So Your Teen Listens: The way you speak to your teen matters. Consider speaking to each other with respect and take turns speaking and listening.

There are apps available to help keep your family safe while on the road. You can download them here. If you would like us to speak at your teen’s school about the dangers of distracted driving, contact Finkelstein and Partners today for more information.

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