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Did you know:

  • 80 percent of reported motorcycle crashes result in injury or death
  • Motorcycle fatalities account for five percent of all highway fatalities each year
  • A motorcyclist not wearing a helmet is 40 pecent more likely to die of a head injury than one who wears a helmet

Motorcycle safety tips you need to know:

  • Attend a motorcycle training course; there are sometimes insurance discounts involved
  • Never ride without a helmet. Purchase one with the DOT logo
  • Never ride between lanes. It’s not only dangerous, it’s illegal!
  • Never ride side-by-side with another motorcyclist. Always ride in a separate lane or at a safe distance away from other motorcyclists
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Check the weather and road conditions
  • Learn the proper use of your brakes. Did you know there is a brake ratio of 70 percent effort on the front wheel and 30 percent on the rear wheel?
  • Know basic maintenance tips. Learn the basics on how to conduct a safety check

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