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World’s Largest Pumpkin Featured at New York Botanical Garden's Giant Pumpkin Carving Weekend 2013


Two-thousand and twenty-three pounds. That’s the weight of the world’s largest pumpkin, which hails from Napa, California. It’s traveled cross-country to be a part of the New York Botanical Garden Halloween display that opens this Saturday, October 19.

And it’s not the only massive squash around. Four other pumpkins — which won various growing competitions around North America — are displayed, each weighing over 1,000 pounds. That’s a huge potential for pumpkin pie.

Pumpkins aren’t the only oversized gourds around: the planet’s biggest watermelon (350.5 pounds) and the world’s longest gourd (139.25 inches) are also part of the fall display, which runs until Halloween.

Be sure not to miss the Giant Pumpkin Carving Weekend on October 19 and 20 when carving master Ray Villafane creates creepy creatures out of the pumpkins.

If you bring the kids, stop in the Haunted Pumpkin Garden located in the Everett Children’s Garden. Including more than 500 multi-colored, hand-carved pumpkin sculptures, the display is accompanied by the “gourd-geous” Pumpkin House for kids to play in, the Pumpkin Puppet Theater for them to put on a show, and a Halloween Parade.

For more information on the Giant Pumpkin Carving Weekend, visit New York Botanical Garden’s Web site at www.nybg.org.

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