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Why the New Paltz Men's Basketball Team Is Frozen in Time


The latest Internet trend is to do – nothing.

Well, not exactly. It’s the “Mannequin Challenge”: a group of people freezes in place, while the camera-person walks among them, and Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles” plays as background music. The effect is that you’re walking through a picture.

YouTube is full of incarnations of this craze, and celebrities have picked up on it as well and posted their own versions (Paul McCartney, Hillary Clinton, the cast of Sesame Street, even!).

The New Paltz men’s basketball team recorded a mannequin challenge video to introduce their new season – not an easy feat, considering they had to deal with rolling basketballs.

According to Twitter’s history it all started with a video from user @pvrity___  and a group of high school friends from Edward H. White High School in Jacksonville, Fla.

How long will it last? Who knows, but thanks to the Internet, we can all enjoy these moments frozen in time.



Game Day!! 🀠#npsocial #mannequinchallenge #newpaltz #mensbasketball #repost @np_basketball

A video posted by SUNY New Paltz (@sunynewpaltz) on

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