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Military Couples Who Skip a Wedding May Still Receive Gifts


Unfortunately, so many young men and women serving on active duty in the Armed Forces feel they need to marry in a hurry (or “pare down” their wedding celebration). These are exactly the couples who deserve the most and the best from everyone who knows them!

Dear Wedding Guru:
“I’ve always dreamed of a fairytale wedding, but unfortunately I didn’t get my way: my husband was called to active duty, and since we didn’t want to wait until he returned, we missed out on receiving gifts. (We have very little, so gifts would have gone a long way!) Now that my husband has returned from Afghanistan, we’re going to celebrate our marriage by inviting people to a dinner-dance. Our friends and family members are already calling my mom and me to ask if we have a bridal registry. Is it okay for us to have a registry, even though we’re already married?” — Late to the Presents Party

Dear Late to the Presents Party:
Yes! It’s absolutely appropriate for you to set up registries in one or more stores, especially since you followed proper etiquette by not asking for gifts when you first eloped. You most certainly don’t need to feel awkward about doing so now. I wish much good luck to you — and many thanks to your husband for his service to our country.

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