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How to Look & Feel Your Best for Your Hudson Valley Wedding

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Leading makeup artist and Hudson Valley resident Alexandria Gilleo shares her advice to get glowing from the inside out before a special occasion.

Weddings are wonderful.

They’re also a massive headache. On top of spending weeks, if not months, to plan an unforgettable ceremony in which nary a detail is overlooked, brides and grooms face the all too stressful task of getting in picture-perfect form.

Whether that means booking all the beauty routines, committing to healthy eating, or working out like a CrossFit champion, the road to wedding readiness is no easy feat.

Alexandria Gilleo celebrity wedding

Gilleo (center) with Krieger and Harris on their wedding day

That’s why we touched base with Hudson Valley makeup artist Alexandria Gilleo for her insider tips. An internationally recognized expert in the beauty industry and the owner of Bridal by Alexandria, Gilleo has glowed up everyone from Bumble & Bumble models to soccer stars Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris for their celebrity-studded wedding. Here’s what she had to say about getting glam before a big day.

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1. Work It Out

A good workout regimen should begin six to 12 months before the wedding day to achieve the most effective results.

“I highly suggest avoiding a crash diet or aggressive workout schedule right before the wedding to avoid looking dull, tired, or not feeling your best,” she says. Instead, she stresses the importance of committing to a steadfast schedule. For variety, she recommends hitting boutique fitness centers like Sweat With Sally in Poughkeepsie for a challenging Megaformer or Pilates workout, The Studio @ Beacon for full-body boxing, and FitSocial in Poughkeepsie for a 30-minute spin class that fits into a lunch break.

2. Get a Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Scary as it may sound, a lymphatic drainage massage is actually a relaxing way to remove toxins and improve overall appearance. It’s best scheduled for three to five days before the wedding.

“This is great for decreasing the appearance of cellulite, reducing swelling or bloating, boosting your immune system, and increasing circulation,” Gilleo explains, adding that Hudson Valley Massageworks in Hopewell Junction offers a version of this.

3. Slow Down in the Sauna

Love relaxing in the sauna after an intense gym workout? Try incorporating it into your pre-wedding routine, too. According to Gilleo, red light therapy and saunas, the likes of which are available at Gilleo’s My Zen Den in Beacon, are ideal to detoxify the body, calm nerves, boost immunity, and promote healthy skin. She recommends going once a week for four to five weeks before your Hudson Valley wedding day.

4. Glow It Up With an IV Drip

If you like the idea of vitamins but don’t love the time it takes for them to kick in, consider an IV drip, like the one at Hebe Medical Spa in Fishkill and Latham, about one to two weeks prior to your Hudson Valley wedding. Based on one-on-one consultations, the IV drips are created by medical spa practitioners to suit individual needs.

“[An IV drip] provides you with a radiant, youthful complexion and can fight off any sickness in the body by strengthening the immune system,” she notes.

5. Establish a Skincare Routine Early

Because brides (and grooms) want to put their best face forward on their Hudson Valley wedding day, it’s critical to establish a consistent skincare routine well before the time to walk down the aisle arrives. During a professional skincare consultation, which Gilleo’s team of experts at Bridal By Alexandria regularly provides, brides-to-be can address skincare concerns so as to combat them effectively within a given time frame.

According to Gilleo, earlier really is better when it comes to skincare. Think six to eight months ahead of schedule to see maximum results.

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6. Don’t Forget the Basics

With all the beauty-forward to-dos, sometimes the little things slip under the radar in the rush to tie the knot. Don’t let them! Gilleo points out that staying hydrated, cutting out sugary drinks, and limiting alcohol and processed foods are often overlooked steps that can lead to significant mental and physical improvements when regularly implemented.

Along these lines, Gilleo stresses sleep as one of her top basic beauty tips and notes that eight hours is her golden number to look and feel well-rested. To aid with this, she suggests wearing blue light-blocking glasses to protect melatonin levels and promote easier sleep. That way, makeup artists “don’t have to use too much concealer and your makeup application will be smooth,” she explains.

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