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How to Include Your Email on Wedding Invitation RSVP Cards



Love the idea of handwritten wedding invitations complete with swirling calligraphy and embossed paperwork? So do we. What you might not love, however, is collecting one RSVP after the next as return letters make their way to your mailbox. To skip the stress, make a point to include your email address on your wedding invites instead. Not only is it an easier way to keep track of responses, especially if you create a designated email address for your ceremony, but it’s also eco-friendly.


Dear Wedding Guru:

“I’m getting ready to put together my wedding invitations. What’s the best way to include the option of RSVPing via email in my response cards?” — Tech-Savvy Bride


Dear Tech-Savvy Bride:

On the bottom of your response card, try the following wording:

The favor of your reply is requested by [date written out in full]
via [your phone number]
or [your e-mail address]

This order tells guests that you prefer that they respond by phone and, if not, by email. If you prefer an email response first, simply put it above your phone number. If you prefer the traditional return mail RSVP, and simply stop after the date.

P.S. Want to take the next step toward a “green” ceremony? Send your invites via email, too.

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