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Hair Trends and Styles for Weddings in the Hudson Valley


Loose & Natural Tight buns and formal updos are out — or at least on hiatus. When it comes to bridal hair, it’s all about braids, loose buns, and boho. “Mermaid hair is all the rage,” says makeup artist Meredith Hayman. “Messy braids, intertwined, celebrating the natural texture of the hair.” The romantic, slightly “undone” look is what’s happening now, and, when brides do choose buns or updos, they often leave a few wisps of hair loose to soften the look. Low, loose buns with hair folded into or wrapped around the bun are popular, too. “Loose braids, boho-chic updos, and beachy waves” are hot, according to makeup artist Lari Manz. “Many brides don’t care what you do as long as a braid is involved!”

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