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5 Ways to Deal With Pre-Wedding Anxiety


Your wedding day is fast approaching, which means the excitement is building…but so are your stress levels. You may be having trouble eating or sleeping. Maybe you’re feeling more irritable or having difficulty concentrating. Recognize that these emotions are completely normal, but that you don’t have to live with them. We asked Linda Walter, LCSW, a White Plains-based social worker who has been practicing for more than 30 years, to provide some of the best techniques to effectively cope with your pre-wedding anxiety.

1. Let it out. “Talk to your fiancé about your anxiety or jitters. Get used to helping and supporting each other. That’s what being a couple is all about.”

2. Exercise. Whether you go to the gym, take a walk, or practice yoga poses, “exercise is the best way to get rid of the extra tension that’s building up in your body.”

3. Reminisce with your love. “Look at old photos of happy memories the two of you shared to refocus on the good, rather than the scary.”

4. Practice some relaxation techniques. From breathing exercises to deep muscle relaxation, there are numerous apps and YouTube videos that can keep your mind and heart from racing out of control.

5. Enough about the wedding! “Spend time with your fiancé where you don’t talk about the wedding.” Separate yourself from guest lists and caterers, and go out together. “Go to your favorite restaurant…or spend a romantic weekend together full of pampering.”

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